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You mean, just like CU didn't have potential to not be last in the PAC-12 S

last year?

Your logic goes both ways...

Okay so tell me how CSU is not equivalent to OSU? Seriously. I wanna know. I've never said that OSU is a bad team...they are gonna be damn good...but CSU has every ability to win that game, IF we play fundamental football and limit stupid errors.

In your response to the QB, this is a new season and although to this date, you are absolutely correct...Stevens is night and day as compared to 1 year ago. Per your statement you are overlooking that.

Okay two can play that game - ONLY way CSU loses the RMS is if they don't make mistakes and don't make turnovers. Lol. C'mon man, I will be the first to say that CU has a great team this year and CU scares me...but if you've watched this game in the last 20 years (which I'm sure you've had), this game has mostly been all about attitude and being metnally locked on. Last year is the first year in a long time that one team was really really really dominated. Even when CSU won a few years back, I did not feel like we dominated like CU did last year. You are short selling CSU just like many are short selling CU.

To date I'll give CU coaching. CSU has a lot to prove this year...

Speed...that's debatable

Experience...Mmmm well a lot of your returning talent were bench warmers from last year, so per your logic, Id say CSU has more experience. We are returning more starters I do believe.

Roster yes, I think CU's roster is deeper.

I'm not going to give you a point spread cause I seriously don't know...it's college football. Nothing is a given as you seem to think...

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Posted: 07/17/2017 at 1:41PM

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