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I'm not sure!! That's my whole point!! Have you not been reading???

I'm just going to spell this out. Check it out...

I'm not sure and I've NEVER said I'm sure. You are saying that I'm sure, I've never said I'm sure. I'm just making some points from my perspective as are you. Neither you or I know what's going to happen. Nobody's played yet. Stats from last year mean nothing. It's a new year, with new experience, new recruits...I have no idea really how CSU is going to play or CU. Nothing is a sure thing at this point...we haven't even started fall camp.

Yes you have a better recruiting class then us, but we have been recruiting better and between that and player development I believe we have closed that gap. NEVER did I say that we recruited better or where even a better team. Unless you're in the locker room everyday with the Buffs everything you say is objective.

You are putting words into my mouth...did you know that closing the gap doesn't mean better? All I've said is that CSU has improved from last year and don't sell us short. I've admitted that CU will be good. I don't know what you want from me and I don't know who's better. We will know on game day. LOL do you like to argue just to argue?

Actually if you paid attention - our defense made good strides last year. Yeah the Idaho game was a cluster but I could say the same for how you got schooled at the end of last season and looked like the Buffs from ole...but guess what...it doesn't matter! This is a new season and if you know anything about college football or have watched any, you know this isn't the NFL, and lots can change from season to season and there are so many variables and intangibles.

Have to watched the RMS in the last 20 years? Lol...It's usually always close...and lots of times when one team is heavily favored over the other, that's when the tables turn...

Oh my goodness...

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Posted: 07/17/2017 at 3:33PM

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